Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here Bob-Come here Bob

Confusion ensues.
Apparently the neighbor across the street and down one house has a new dog. And apparently the new dogs name is BOB.
 Bob keeps jumping the fence and running the neighborhood and the neighbor keeps going up and down the street Yelling for Bob at all hours of the night.
"Here Bob- Come here Bob..."
Needless to say--Its causing a heap of new problems for me and my Bob. Even with his hearing loss he can hear someone calling his name in the dead of night when all should be quiet.
 I've thought about talking to this particular neighbor but have decided against it. They are the kind of neighbor when you ask them something like " Can you please turn the music down after midnight" turn it up several decibels higher. They are the kind of neighbor that when the neighbor next to them complained that their Fire pit was right under their window and all the smoke was coming in their window and making their asthmatic daughter sick- threw wet wood on it to make it even worse.. Yep- they are that kind of neighbor.  

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