Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bob has never liked large family gatherings- but in the last few years I did get him to tolerate them "for me".  He can give 100 excuses for not going.. and I could give him 200 for going..
 Now he just "cant" do them. Its the Dementia paranoia, the Fear of crowds, the excess noise, the movement, the different from the normal.
 I get it.. But I want different..  I want him to be surrounded by family, laughter, hugs, memories...............
 As Thanksgiving comes tomorrow I will be cooking.. but for few.. I will be putting on a Happy face.. when I am sad that I cant be with family..
BUT-- I will also be happy that Bob is still here at home for this years Thanksgiving.. Our time is limited- and I know that..
Missing Family But Happy that Bob is still home!
Happy Thanksgiving My friends!

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