Friday, November 21, 2014

Is it Wrong?

Have I ever mentioned how hard it is to go grocery shopping with Bob these days. I usually try to go as early as possible to avoid crowds. Because- well Bob does not do well in crowds these days. Bob used to hate grocery shopping- now he wants to go.  :)
 Bob adds obscure things to the cart when I am not looking and he also will wander off. If someone comes down the aisle Bob will turn around and follow them. If I am caught up in looking for something or reading a label I can look up and he is no where in sight. I run to the end of the aisle and he will usually be heading down the next aisle over.
 The last trip it was raining pretty hard when we came out of the store so I quickly pushed the cart to the jeep and popped the hatch to put the groceries in. Bob was right behind me. And then he wasn't.. I looked up and he was nowhere to be seen. I quickly threw the groceries in the jeep and shoved the cart into the cart catcher and ran through the parking lot looking for him. I spotted him one parking strip over, trying to get in someone else's car. I  went and got him and  loaded him in the jeep. Crisis averted,..
  Till I got home and realized  that in my haste to find Bob I had left my purse in the shopping cart in the parking lot.  Argh.
Luckily someone had turned it into the customer service desk and I got it back..  Thank you kind sir whoever you were!
Is it wrong to handcuff a person to a shopping cart? Or maybe I should attach a bell to his coat..HMMM.

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  1. Ask him "Can you please hold onto this carriage so it won't roll away."
    Does he carry a wallet with ID and a note "Bob has dementia, he may be lost, please call 555-4567 or 555-4444 and return to Lori" Is there a note like that in all the jackets pockets?
    Does he wear a medical alert bracelet?
    Grocery shopping with my mother: