Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Home

Bob has now been in Residential Home care for a few weeks.  He is actually doing better then I expected. He has settled right in. He had gotten to the stage where he was not recognizing any of us.. nor our house as home.. and quite often his own reflection.  I visit him 3 or 4 days a week.  He is eating well, Is happy, and very well taken care of.
The first few weeks were awful , but I'm guessing much more for me then Bob. When I visit I go in the early morning hours as I know that it is his best time. He laughs, giggles and tries to talk.  He is content and comfortable. The ladies at the home are awesome and think he is adorable. He is animated at that time and just reminds me of "old Bob".
  Life is going on.. Adjustments are tough but I'm guessing its more difficult for me then Bob.... I really really miss him.. , His Smile, His attitude, His  Presence..  I think about him 24 hours a day.  I really hate what this disease has done to us.. How it has consumed our life... But my love for Bob has not faltered in the least. I think it has grown stronger as I have become his voice.. Our Journey is different but it is still ours.  I'm guessing that Bob is probably better then I am at this point.. Because I know.. I know what I'm losing..

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