Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Piddle Schmiddle

I just want to address a problem issue a little bit.. Its not really incontinence issue as much as a
where we should go issue.
Bob no longer uses the bathroom by himself and you really need to be with him constantly to prevent him from going where ever he feels like it.
Floors, Closets, shoes, drawers, clothes hampers, garbage cans etc have all seen there fair share of pee around here. I have tried taking him to the bathroom every hour and sometimes even more. I have tried putting him in a Onesie, which he just tore at till the snaps popped off. My next step is the jumpsuits that zip in the back.
Every  single time I walk Bob to the bathroom to get him where he should be to do his business.. tell him what, where, how... He looks at the toilet and says "there?" and looks disgusted... I am not sure exactly what Bob thinks the toilet is theses days.. but he sure doesnt recognise it for its intended purpose.
I am tired of cleaning urine... Ugh...
Those jumpsuits will not arrive soon enough.. I am going to try and sew one myself with a sweatshirt, and pants and a big long zipper. At least he wont be able to go without help which will give me a chance to guide him to the toilet and convince him that is where he should be going. Wish me luck.

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