Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hearing Or?

Bobs speech has pretty much gone silent again. I guess I shouldnt say silent.  He will say three or four Jibberish words that make no sense. I try to decipher their meanings and as hard as I try most of the time I dont figure out what he is saying before he gets angry. Rather then deal with his anger I will quickly say.   "Thats Interesting", or maybe if it seemed like a question "I'll say I'm not sure". Something to let him know I heard him.  He also has been slapping the table next to him in some form of communication that I havent figured out yet.
 Bob has been 100% deaf in one ear for years and has lost 85% of the hearing in the other. They think.
They really are not sure if he is responding correctly to the hearing tests right, so it is making it impossible to get a proper adjustment on his hearing aid.
Not that he will wear the darn thing anyway.. He hates it.
It is very hard for them to figure out if he is not responding because he cant actually hear them or if its the Dementia. There have been many times I have been right in Bobs face (speaking in a voice loud enough for the people at the end of the street to hear me) and he still looks at me as If I havent said a word.
I'm guessing a combination of the two...

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