Sunday, January 25, 2015


I have talked several times about Bobs anger.. but never my own. 
I try my best to keep mine in check until I am alone.  Boy, is it ever difficult not to succumb to anger. I have to imagine that Dementia is, in some ways, more difficult to deal with for caregivers than other illnesses can be, mostly because the person you're caring for, in many cases has no notion of who you are, your relationship, or what you're doing for them. They don't realize how hurtful they can be, or even acknowledge that you are being overwhelmed with sadness, grief, exhaustion etc.
 That being said, the anger is almost always overcome by feelings of guilt and then again the  love you feel for the person in your care.
I think the anger is merely an unpleasant by-product of the un-ending stress and caring you perform out of love. 
That also being said-- I am so angry tonight I think my head will explode.. GGGGRRRRR...
Lets hope for a reasonably sane day in the near future. I hate this disease.

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