Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Today one of Bob's old hunting buddies Chad stopped by for a visit.  Someone that he spent a lot of time with over the last 15 years or so. Hunting, target practice, fishing, sports etc...
 Although Bob was curious, he really had no idea who Chad was.  Bless Chad's heart for the visit. He is one of the few of Bobs friends that has stopped by occasionally since his diagnosis. Chad talked to him about general everyday things without trying to pressure Bob to remember him. I could tell he was disappointed that he didn't.
 Bob couldn't really talk and the few things he did mange to blurt out made no sense and I could tell that Chad was shocked to see the huge decline since his last visit. I felt bad for him.
He visited for about 30 minutes, got caught up on news of his kids, wife, work etc.. Chad said his goodbyes with a promise to visit again soon.
After about 5 minutes Bob blurted out. " Did he fix it?"
I said " What? Fix what?" He said the  " The rock"
Not knowing what to say  I said " Not this time, maybe when he comes back"
Bob simply stared out the window with a little nod.

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