Friday, January 30, 2015


Oh what a week we have had. Bob is really struggling to stay mobile. He is often off balance and has fallen several times.We will be going to the Dr to be sure that there isnt something else wrong. I'd hate to assume it is just the progression of this nasty disease and find out it was something else that could be "fixed".
 He "freezes" in doorways and wont budge or move his feet. You can take him to the bathroom but even now when you are telling him what the toilet is and what he needs to do.. he will try to use the sink, Tub or wastebasket instead.
Even though he is struggling to walk he wants to get outside. We have given up our walks around the block, for 2 walks a day from the back deck to the end of the yard.  Me under one arm and a cane in his other hand we seem to be able to get those done. It may be time to consider a walker. I can see that not going over very well as I am not sure he will now what he should be doing with it at this point. It never hurts to try--right?

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