Tuesday, November 4, 2014


It has been a week since I've posted. Not because I didn't have things to say or share but because I have been hashing over "our"options in my mind.  I was waiting until Bob could get into the neurologist to see if something could be done for his anger and aggression.
 After much testing today it has been decided that Bob is in "late" stage dementia. These stages are so hard for me to understand. One day a person is not the same as the next, but I do know that today even when I thought Bob was doing well, in reality he was just doing better then his average which is really not that well at all when I look at it through the neurologists eyes.
 Today they took him off of the Aricept and put him on Lexapro in an attempt to control his aggression and anger. If the Lexapro works he will be able to stay home for now..  I was also told to start researching Nursing homes and get him on the waiting lists. Did I mention "options" earlier? I know they are getting his anger and violence under control so that he wont be so belligerent when it comes time to be placed. As tired as I am of battling, and also and watching Bob battle this disease...I am just not ready to give up. I hate this disease.

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