Friday, October 24, 2014

What's in a Name?

It was a strange evening here tonight. After dinner we had settled in to watch TV  and Bob looked at me and said " Are you going to "dump" me.
 I said "Why on earth would you think that or ask me that?".
He said " I have been trying to remember your name... I can't".
Its strange- He has not been able to remember my name on and off for quite awhile now so I'm not sure why it was bothering him.  Apparently he had been trying for several days. When I told him what my name was he said- " I would never have guessed that"
 I told him him.." Hon-- If you don't remember something- Please just ask-- Trust me-- Its not worth stressing out and worrying about it."
 Subtle changes--- that are starting to seem not so subtle.

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