Sunday, October 26, 2014


 I think my patience has  worn so thin that I am at my wits end.
 Behaviors that I used to be able to just "let go" I am now finding intolerable. Of course it might be because Bob's behaviors have changed pretty drastically the last month or so.
 I seem to be what (or who) he has to take out all of his anger on. He can be raging angry at me but if he sees the mailman can step outside and be as nice as Aunt Bea..step back in and continue his rampage like he never missed a beat. I guess that I am the one who constantly is telling him no-- or "you cant do that"  or you need to shower, or change your clothes of course his anger is going to be directed at me. He has Punched me in the eye thinking I was a stranger in the house. He has threatened  me a with a knife twice for the same reason.  He has bit me because I was trying to look at a "bad tooth" in his mouth. Now he has started spitting.  Its really hard to deal with a full grown man who has a fairly healthy body  when they start acting out like he is. He wont communicate with words what is making him angry.
 This morning he was sitting in his chair I dont know what he was thinking about sitting there but whatever it was it made him angry. He angrily pushed himself up so hard he almost knocked his chair over. He stormed off to the bathroom, slammed a few things around and then came out and asked for an apple. I got him an apple and then went in to use the bathroom.. Once again... spit all over the mirror. He apparently stood in  there and spit on the mirror several times.
 I came out of the bathroom looked him square in the eye and asked him why he spit all over the mirror.. Of course he just rolled his eyes at me. I told him.. You have quite the mess to clean up in there and I went and sat back down.
Of course he didnt, so I had to... Yep-- My patience is a little thin right now.

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  1. Please keep yourself safe - lock up the knives, pens, hand tools, power tools, guns, poisonous cleaning products, antifreeze, car oils, paint thinners, nail polish and removers... etc
    Maybe it's time to get Bob's medication re-evaluated, something to take the edge off his anger. HUGS