Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fading Memories

The past few weeks Bob's past memories seem to be fading. Things he has always remembered such as trips taken, life events, births, deaths, schools, family, friends etc..
   I have spent the last few years using past memories and photos of events and family to keep him grounded so to speak. Now when I try to use past memories and photographs, Bob just becomes angry and frustrated.  This doesnt keep me from piecing our lives together in little bits of information to remind him of his life. Our life.
 I have been knee deep in my own memories, of a life I loved so much,  The trips we took, the things we've seen. Things we've laughed about and cried about.  The plans we had for our retirement etc...
I'm realizing how alone I am with  those memories now, and how it feels impossible to make new ones.
I hate this disease.

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