Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I know You

Bob seems to think he knows every single person that crosses his path. Everywhere we go he will say to people " I know you" and people will either start talking to him or quickly scurry away.
A few days ago I  put an ad on Craigslist to give away some leftover ceramic tile.
 When I went outside to greet him, Bob came charging out the door behind me and grabbed the young man in a bear hug embrace while declaring " I know You"..
The poor young fellow, kind of had a "deer in headlights" expression on his face as he was trying to pry himself out of Bobs embrace.
I said " I'm sorry he thinks he knows you".
I grabbed Bobs arms and said-- " Hon- let him go he is not whoever you think he is."
Bob said-- to the young man- " Did you get your hair cut?"...
LOL- I still dont know who Bob thought that Fellow was. When I told Bob he had never met the young man before he said  " Yes-- He and I go way back.. I've known him for 30 years".. considering the young man may have been 20 years old at best-- I dont think so

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