Friday, October 3, 2014

Listen to the Music

Bob plays the guitar-Or he used to. He is- or was- rather good.  When he was younger he and a few of his friends played at dances, bars and gatherings.    Now his  12 string guitar sits in the corner of the room basically ignored and gathering dust.
 Earlier this past summer he sat on the deck and manged to play pretty darn well.
 As summer progressed he couldnt seem to get the cords right and became pretty frustrated and insisted he needed  a "new" guitar as surely there must be something wrong with this one.
 Yesterday I heard the sweet sounds of his guitar while I was out working in the backyard.  He was playing without missing a cord again.
 When I came around the corner  he was sitting on the deck , watching people walk down the sidewalk and just absently playing.  " I said "That sounds awesome Hon".
Bob said " I know- I was a professional"  :)
Today of course he cant play again-- the frustration overwhelmed him and he stood the guitar back in the corner. It was nice to listen the the music again for a few hours yesterday. Maybe we will again one day soon -- if Alzheimer's doesn't steal it away permanently.

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