Wednesday, October 1, 2014


  Fall is my very favorite season of the year.
 I love crisp air, the smell of fireplaces burning, sweaters, jeans, boots, The colors of the trees, cocoa, crock pot dinners and baking.
 But this year I am having a hard time enjoying all the things I love so much. I always had Bob to help me get the house winterized and prepare the vehicles for winter etc.. You know-- the "man" chores.
  Between trying to keep up with orders and work- Its not leaving me much time to enjoy all things fall like I normally do. Bob is completely unable to do all of the things he used to, to help me get the winterizing done. I'm working on it and am doing the things I can and leaving the rest for Brian (son).  We'll get it done but I feel like I am on a deadline- ( Have I ever mentioned I hate deadlines) LOL.  Last night by dark you could most definitely see your breath in the cool crisp air and this morning there was a touch of frost on the grass..  Yep-- I still Love Fall! Putting all my grumbling aside.

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