Monday, September 1, 2014


Frustration- It seems to be my new normal.
Troublemaker- Seems to be Bobs new normal.

 It seems that Bob has it together enough to realize that when I am really busy with something else I am not  "on guard duty" as well as I should be. As many safeguards as I have put up around this property Bob seems to always find something new to get into.
Bob was a Tactical Shooter and reloaded his own ammo for many years. I have his guns Locked away in a  safe but didnt even think about the "supplies". My Bad.... My BIG bad...
 Today while I was busy cleaning the aquarium Bob went into the back yard where we have been doing some major landscaping and cleanup. His Leather workshop is out there and is where we have been storing much of the reloading equipment as well. As I was carrying the Saltwater to my Aquarium I noticed Bob walking around  the back yard with a gunpowder canister. I dropped what I was doing and went to ask him what he was doing.
"Cleaning up" was his reply. I asked him to please leave that until I could help and he came back in the house with me. A little later Brian came home from work and went back to work on the yard and found that Bob had emptied the canister of gunpowder on the ground..... Next to the firepit..... OY.
Of course I felt the need to tell Bob he couldnt do that.. and of course Bob was instantly angry. He tried to tell me that "gunpowder" is harmless unless it is in a "bullet".
Its hard for me to fathom that he has lost so much of his common sense and judgement.
I need to keep a MUCH closer eye on him then I was thinking. Sigh....

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