Tuesday, August 5, 2014

There It Is

Bob does not handle the "heat" of summer nearly as well as he used to. Which is a little hard to understand because before he had to quit working , he was out in the heat of the day, all day.  I am beginning to think that any heat in the summer--is too much,  and any cold in the winter--is to much.
 Now he sits in a chair that is directly in front of the air conditioner vent and still seems to be "hot" all the time. A few days ago I gave him a cold wet cloth  to wipe his face and neck down. A few minutes later as I was watching him from across the room I see him looking for something.  He is searching his chair, the floor, around his chair, the end table etc..
I said  "What did you lose Hon?"
He said " That cold rag...?"
Ummm... "Its on top of your head"
Bob- "Oh-- There it is"

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