Monday, August 4, 2014


 It was a pretty LOOOONNNNNGGGGGG weekend here. We had a storm blow through that caused massive damage around our fine city. Hundreds of tree's down, power poles snapped like twigs and roofs off of some buildings. We lost power within seconds of the first winds gusts. And we did not get power back for 28 hours.
It is not easy to care for an Alzheimers patient with the power is so much worse with it off. Poor Bob could not understand why we had no lights, no TV, no AC or fans. It was almost 100 degrees and it was hot and miserable. Every few minutes Bob would try the light switch's.. ask me to turn the TV on..or complain about the heat and want the fans on. He would ask me to "fix" it. Then I would see him standing  in front of the Fuse Box "flipping breakers".   We survived.. it was a little like camping- HOT camping- with a very disgruntled Bob in tow.. :)

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  1. Oh my goodness... yes the adventure we saw as a power outage as children is much different when you're caring for someone with greater than average needs. Above it all, glad you are both safe and that the power is back on! Hugs to you Lori!