Monday, July 28, 2014

Sticky Situation

My "Mr Fix It" has been at it again. Yesterday we were doing little odds and ends around the property and when we were done Bob took a handful of tools to the basement work bench.  A screwdriver, a hammer and a pry bar.
He was not down there long. Maybe 3 minutes tops.
 This morning I went downstairs to the laundry room and walked past the work bench. I saw a bottle of Gorilla glue sitting open on the bench. My First thought was " Oh god--please --NO...
 If you ever used Gorilla Glue-you know what I am saying-- If you have not..lets just say that this Glue is Magical.. It will hold the wings on  a Jet plane going warp speed.. Okay- Maybe not.. but this stuff expands and STICKS.
 I'm not sure exactly what Bob was doing.. and he cant remember.. but.. the hammer is glued to the basement floor.. and the screwdriver is glued inside the vise on the bench.
 And me- thinking I am super woman.. Kicked the hammer on the floor to "free" it from captivity.  YEEEOOOWWWWW.  That thing did not budge. Nor did the vise. I will need a Jack hammer.. I would try the Pry bar.. but it is glued to the Bench.


  1. OH NO! Thanks for the laugh/cry. Now you will always know where those tools are.

  2. OK so now you have modern art glued in the basement. LOL I am not sure there is anything to release gorilla glue.