Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Deviating from the Plan

 I can only imagine what it is like for an Alzheimers patient that feels like they have lost control of their life. Especially for someone that always had complete control and a plan for getting things done.  Bob was an early riser and a hard worker and every minute was accounted for in his "plans" for the day.  He had a schedule and he rarely deviated from it.  Now his day and his "plan" for the day are often scheduled around my work. Granted I work from home, but he really needs to be supervised most of the time these days. Its making it really difficult to get anything done.
Today I tried to once again have the conversation about Adult Day center.. I didnt word it like that.. More like an activity group where he could visit with people etc while I am working. Wowser, still not going over so good. A few weeks ago we went to "tour" an adult center... he refused to go through the doors.
Today he accused me of trying to have him committed..
How on earth do others get there loved ones to understand their need for a break.  Pretty sure that's not in Bob's "plans" anywhere in the near future.

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