Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Common words seem to evade Bob these days.
One of the neighbors came over to see our son who was working in the basement with me.
When he came to the door He said. " Is Brian here? and Bob replied " He is in the hole"
 A neighbor was talking to Bob while he was in the front yard and asked "Where's Lori" .  Bob replied "She's dead".  Which I am assuming he replaced the word "gone".  At least I Hope that's what happened. The neighbor was kind of freaked out.
He refers to the toilet as. "The Pee Hole"
He refers to a Gas Tank on the jeep as  the"Car Bomb".
He calls his shoes "Kickers"
His watch is a "Calendar"
He has so many replacement words for everyday items. Some of them not so nice so I wont put them here. :)
I'm glad he is still trying to communicate- But sometimes it takes a little bit to figure out what he is trying to say. It's a Puzzler for sure!

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