Friday, July 18, 2014


A few days ago wildfires started ravaging the small valley that  I was born and raised in. The fire Is taking homes of good friends and classmates that I have known my whole life. I have been worried for friends and family and I know that Bob is sensing that. Tonight he told me this could all have been prevented.  They need to make sure there is a Firefighter in every home Like the "old days". I'm wondering if he meant Fire extinguisher. I can see his confusion as he is trying to make sense of what he sees . Its devastating and heartbreaking to see the rubble left behind. There is still zero containment and high winds are expected again this evening. Its a tight knit community so the towns are really pulling together but all are worried and heartbroken. 170,000 acres burned so far.. well over 100 homes burned. And the fire ravages on.....Mother Nature is winning this one.........

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  1. Awww Bob is always thinking of others.