Friday, July 25, 2014

Miracle Cures

One thing I  personally find extremely irritating is people that try to convince the victims of Alzheimer's that there is a cure. Books that are sold by "leading specialists" that mislead the public into thinking an everyday product is the "solution". I have done hours and hours of research and also tried several different things that were guaranteed to slow the progression of Alzheimer's. In My humble opinion, the two thing's you can be sure of is, there is nothing that will slow the progression, and there is no cure.
  Hard to hear? You bet. Hard to believe? You bet.  But it is the sad truth. There are many products that come down the road, the most prominent being coconut oil, that many people claim slows the symptoms or even the progression. It doesn't. Nothing does. Is it wishful thinking on their part?  I suppose. Does it hurt anything? Not really. I tried it with Bob and I  convinced myself that I could see the improvements and then of course there was a decline.. I also took it away and saw the same improvements and of course.. a decline.  Its the natural course of good and bad days that Alzheimer's patients have.
  I am just saying that  if you see a difference in your loved one  and you assume it because of the coconut oil, it isn't. What is happening here is you see what you want to see. And that's fine. If anyone here thinks coconut is helping their loved one, I say go for it. It's not going to hurt anything and it is probably good for you in many other ways. 

But let face it- If coconut oil worked to slow and even reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer's as some of these books and specialists say, none of us would be able to afford it or even find it on the grocery store shelves.   There is nothing that will slow the progression. There is just a short list  of medications that can be prescribed that "may" lesson the symptoms. That's it folks..
As of today-- NOTHING will slow the progression, let alone cure dementia. Sad but true. 

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