Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I have my Pants On

 Yesterday Bob was kind of stuck in what I call a vocal loop. Four different times he blurted out the same phrase to different people. The Schwans Man was making his rounds and stopped by to see if we needed anything. Bob Blurted out. " I have my Pants on". The Schwan man said. " Thats Nice"
 Son Brian came in and Bob said the same phrase. " I have my pants on."  Brian said. " Awesome, Me too".
 The neighbor came over to visit. Bob again- " I have my pants on". The neighbor teased him and said. " Why- Its hot out"?
A little later in the day. He told the mailman. " I have my pants on".  The mailman said " Cool Man ".
What the heck..? He often asks the same question over and over. But this is new.

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