Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hot -N- Cold

The last week or so it has been in the upper 90's with a cool down into the upper 60's at night. Not miserable by any means, for me anyway, but Bob seems to be struggling with temperature.
 What I mean to say.. is knowing the difference between the two.
 In the morning hours the sun pounds on the front of our house. I keep the front drapes pulled until the sun rises over the house just to help keep things cool.
But the sun that pounds on the front heats our screen door handle up so that you almost don't want to touch it or if you do - be quick about it.  Same with the wrought Iron railing on the porch. I warn Bob several times a morning. " Be careful don't hold that too long its hot". Yesterday he grabbed it and told me it wasn't hot.. It was cold..  He did the same thing when I took some Cherries that I had preserved and set on the counter to cool.  He told me they were cold when I warned him not to touch because they were extremely hot. Either Bobs ability to tell the difference between hot and cold is on the fritz..... or he just likes disagreeing with me. :)
On another note- Wildfire season seems to have started early this year.
There is a fire a few miles from here In the Area at the end of Long Lake -or  Lake Spokane.. It grew from 300 acres to 900 acres overnight.
 First picture was last night around 7 Pm.. the second was the sun rising through the smoke this morning. Homes are being evacuated. Hoping that they get this one under control and everyone stays safe.  Bless the  firefighters that are out  in this heat fighting the blaze.

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