Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Starsky Or Hutch

As I mentioned many times over the last 3 months we have been cleaning, sorting, de-cluttering and organizing the basement. Bob being a border line hoarder had so much stuff that It feels like it is taking me forever.
 We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and after many trips to the dump and goodwill,  I am almost done.  I cleaned the last of  Bob's old clothes out of a walk-in closet which leaves me with one room to do.. A pantry room that we have been setting things to yard sale. 
 This morning I boxed up 70's and 80's era clothes after giving Bob a chance to look through them.   He put one jacket on and said.." how do I look?"  I said "like a 65 year old Starsky or Hutch with gray hair". He said, " Well that cant be good". He took the jacket off and put it back in the box and said. " I dont know why you kept this stuff for so long".  Ummmmm Yea.... That was me?... Sheesh.  I am pretty sure there are some workers at Goodwill having a great flashback- Or a What the hell?-- kind of day in the sorting room ..LOL.
Now that its almost empty-I didn't realize how big the basement really is---Its like a whole other house down there.. :) Fresh new rug to unroll and a few odds and ends to clean and it is like a fresh new space.. Finally!

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