Sunday, July 13, 2014

"To DO List"

Our, Or maybe I should say my last few days have been jam packed with activity. I am trying to get some things done that are on my "To Do" list as well as care for Bob, work- (still need that money rolling in), keep the house in order and keep up with my garden and canning
  Sometimes being a property owner sucks. Don't get me wrong,  I am glad I don't have rent or a mortgage anymore but the amount of time and money I am spending on home and property repairs seems to be almost as much, or maybe even more then the darn Mortgage payment.
 Now that I have the basement done, its time to move outdoors to the fence on the back of the property. It has to be replaced before winter. I bought the Fence posts, and the quickrete to set them in.  Now I need to get the supplies for the rebuilding of the gates and the rest of the fence boards and wood.. Then come the hard part- digging out the old fence posts that are set in with concrete.. NOT looking forward to this.  Bob tries to help but as much as my Old "Mr Fix" tries he cant seem to grasp the concept of what needs to be done. Which is pretty sad when I think about how many fences he built for his customers over the years.    Oh well,  with perseverance and hard work- this too we will get done.   Thank goodness I have help from Brian. ( Son 2)

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