Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The "Root" Of all Problems

I know I have mentioned before that we occasionally have a problem with roots invading our sewer lines. The giant elm tree in the backyard causes a multitude of problems and  I want that sewer sucker gone! It is the largest tree in a 2 block radius and the tree companies want a small fortune to remove it.
 Guess I will be dealing with roots in the sewer line instead for awhile. So we put RootX down the lines. Waited for several days and then several more days. The drain got slower and slower. (The roots do not disintegrate as fast as they need to) So-- back to the rental place for the sewer snake yet again. Getting that monster up and down our stairs is horrible.  Its like moving a 300lb dead body ( Not that I have ever done that) :)  just guessing LOL.
 Got that done and the sewer lines are once again root free . I will flush another dose of the Rootx here in a few weeks to get any roots that were missed or any possible new ones.
 So, I tell you all of this because---- You can only imagine poor Bobs Confusion while this was going on. Don't flush the toilet- its okay to flush the toilet- don't flush the toilet-- its okay to flush the toilet. Even 5 days later he was so still so confused.   He got up to use the bathroom and then changed his mind because he didn't know if he could flush. I was still asleep and he didnt want to wake me. That dear sweet man stood there trying to hold till I woke up. It didnt dawn on him to use it but not flush it of course. His mind doesnt work like that anymore.  So-- he had an accident.. I felt awful- he felt embarrassed. And now- because of all of this "Root" upheaval- he asks for permission to flush the toilet now.   I HATE the Elm tree.  I'm thinking a Hot Tub would be much more awesome in the spot where that tree grows- Yep-- its pick on a  tree day!

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