Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Sometimes I feel like Bob and I live in our own little bubble. People don't seem to really understand the trouble's we have or the things we struggle with day to day. Bobs memory slipping, was once the height of our concerns and now I almost miss those days because we struggle with so many other things, that it makes  "bad memory" look like a walk in the park.
 The last few months the boys and I have noticed a huge decline in his physical capabilities, his balance, and most of all his reasoning and ability to "understand". If you want him to look at something and you are pointing it out to him, he looks at your finger. You have to physically move his head in the direction you want him to look.
  We were on a pretty good roll there for a few days as we were going through his "collection of stuff" in the basement. Today he didnt seem to understand what we were doing and was constantly filling his pockets with little things and saying " I wonder how much they want for this?"... Guess he didn't realize he was shopping in his own basement--which the rest of us have now officially named " BobMart".

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