Monday, April 14, 2014

Back to blogging and Spring Cleaning

After taking a short break from the blog I've decided I will continue on.. People do have the option to "tune out" and in all honesty after going back over ever single post I have done, I read nothing disrespectful, distasteful, or hurtful.. so as stated above "If you dont like it here tune out."
  Now-- to all of you that wrote me to show support or ask if we were okay-- Thank you-- Your encouragement, support, and friendship mean the world.
  So the last week has been really full for Bob and I. We started cleaning out the clutter in the basement, planting bulbs in the flower beds and cleaning them up and just doing some spring cleaning. We also even managed to squeeze in the first trip up the mountain this past weekend.
 I also had my appointment with the Doctor for my skipped heart beats and high blood pressure and have now been referred to a cardiologist. The good news is my blood work shows good Cholesterol levels and all the other blood work looks good.. Just need to work on the other two things and my stress level, and all will be good--! Knock on Wood!
 Bob has had a so-so week. Going through his hoard of treasure's in the basement is proving to be quite stressful for him at times but at others he is finding things he didn't remember having or he thought were lost.. well I guess they were lost-- In the Basement Pit!  Once it is all organised and the clutter is removed I think he will like it much better. He will be able to see all of his treasures as we are storing them away in clear totes and labeling as we go..
If ya all don't hear from me in the next few days--send the troops-- I am probably under a pile of boxes in the basement!  :)

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