Sunday, March 2, 2014

Support Groups?

 After suggestions from many people I finally went to an "Alzheimer's Spouse" support group. One that was suggested by the Alzheimer's Org. and also a local pamphlet  that  the doctor handed me. I realize all support groups are not "created equal" so to speak.
 If this group was the only one in town- I would feel very comfortable saying I would NEVER EVER EVER go to a support group again. There are a few others I may try down the road so I wont say I have given up on the idea completely.
 The group facilitator was "present" in body..but I wouldn't really say she was paying attention. I listened to people complain about their spouse's with no give and take. It was like listening to everyone complain but not really wanting help or solutions.
 I was also asked out by two different male "spouse's"... REALLY? Was it suppose to be a meet and greet? One even went so far as to tell me that His wife would get mad at him because he told her he was "seeing" other people....  (Once again).. REALLY? Ya think?
One woman was like me--- had actually gone to this meeting to seek help with things she was struggling with.  She asked-- " What can I do about my husband that is starting to wander. ".. The replies varied-- all with sarcastic laughter.. Tie him to the bed, handcuff him to his chair.. Medicate him till he sleeps 24/7...  REALLY? She was looking for real answers people..
I was disgusted with the whole group of them.  I talked to the facilitator and was told-- Oh-- dont mine them-- no one else does--- REALLY?
I grabbed the woman that asked the question about wandering and we exchanged emails.. I told her I had found several things that helped me tremendously and I would give her more information via email or phone.
Maybe I was expecting to much. And I do believe there should still be laughter and joking. They just went to far.. Maybe It was because I was "new" to the group.. But I was appalled.
Can ya tell it really bugged me?
A friend told me-- maybe you were sent there for a reason-- to help that other lady that was struggling with her husband wandering.. Maybe... Just maybe I was.
 I am glad I have many of you readers, my family and friends.... you are the BEST support group!

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