Friday, February 28, 2014

Another day- and we survived.

Today was one of those days where good things happened- and bad things happened. But we survived.
I went to the "fish" store this morning to get a few things for the saltwater tank. The red thing is a Red Mushroom Coral ( Bottom Pic). I got several of them attached to a rock.. The nice things is when you get home you find other things living in the rock as well. The Feather Duster was a Nice surprise. There is also an Orange one that I couldn't get a picture of. I also saw a Brittle Star come out from under one of the Mushroom corals and scurry into another chunk of rock.. FUN!! I'll try for a Picture of him later when I have time t mess with my lenses and camera. Macro shots might be cool!
And now the bad-- I had started a load of laundry before we left. I came home to water coming in the sewer drain in the basement- The elm tree in the backyard grows roots into the sewer line at least once a year.. Yep--It picked today to block the lines. I hate calling my son for help but He said " No Problem" I'll be there after work.. He went  and got the sewer snake from the rental place.. we wrestled that monstrosity to the basement and I once again have a clear sewer line..
Thank You Son!

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