Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I'd like to think I am a fairly intelligent person. I run a business. I write patterns that are published, and I spend a good portion of my days writing, drawing, beading, computerizing, problem solving and dealing with customers.
 But yet this "disease" has me baffled. How can a person be so totally confused one day, and seem almost normal the next.
Bob was so  confused for several weeks. He didn't know who I was, where our bathroom was, or even where he was.. Then  out of the blue today for about 6 hours he was fine.. And when he is "fine" he is  trying to figure out why things are different.. I am smothering him.. Where are the keys to his truck? Why cant I drive it? Why are my guns locked up? Why are all the alarms set on every door? Why? Why? Why?
Its hard to jump back and forth between good and bad--  Dont get me wrong-- I LOVE the good days.. it's just really hard to explain to Bob why things are not normal when he is having a good day.

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