Saturday, March 8, 2014


  Wandering and getting lost is a common occurrence with Dementia/Alzheimer's patients.  Even thou I have set up alarms , motion sensors, and security camera's Bob still can scare me.
  Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day and Bob was enjoying being out in the sunshine. He was "tinkering". Pulling old growth off of plants, raking the grass where it has been packed down by the winters snow etc. He was busy doing things he enjoys doing.
 I decided to run downstairs and grab a load of laundry to fold while he was doing that. I got all the way downstairs and into the laundry room and one of the motion sensors went off.. I knew he was in the yard so knew I had to hurry but figured he was grabbing a tool or putting one away. As I came back up and set the basket of laundry down I saw him out on the sidewalk looking confused.  I opened the door and asked him if he was okay or if he needed help. He looked surprised to see me and kept looking around at the house. I called him in and fed him lunch.
 A bit later the neighbor girl came over and asked if "everything was okay". Apparently Bob had walked over there and tried to go in their front door, and then when he found it locked started knocking-- Loudly.. ( These neighbors are from the Ukraine and dont answer their door when the kids are not home because the adults speak little to no English)
Apparently-in those few minutes I was grabbing that laundry, Bob had gone next door thinking it was our house, and when I finally saw him he, was still trying to decide which one was ours..
It's amazing how quickly he can become disoriented- Thank goodness for todays technology of motion sensors, alarms etc..
 Now-- I just need to train myself to check instantly when they go off..No more thinking I have a few minutes-- Check NOW--

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