Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Bob and I have been keeping pretty busy the last 3 days or so. The snow has all melted so we have been cleaning out flower beds of leaves, twigs and such. Cleaning the decks and getting them ready for porch furniture etc.
  We also spent a good portion of yesterday cleaning out one of Bobs trucks.  I think its time to sell it. Bob hasn't drove it for a few years and I cant see keeping up the insurance, tabs and upkeep.
 When I mentioned it to Bob he said it was a good idea.. Now that I have it cleaned out of all of his junk stuff, and got it looking all nice... he thinks he'd rather "keep it around". He'll want to sell it again soon- Now it is ready for when that day comes.
Tomorrow Bob has his first appointment with his new Neurologist! Hope  it doesn't cause to much of a problem for Bob. He doesnt seem to care for meeting new people these days.
(The barn picture--- I took this one near a lake that is not far from us.)

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