Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hidden objects

Bob has oodles of flashlights. But he has a favorite. Sometime between 10pm last night and 8am this morning said flashlight went missing. I had already made the bed but tore it apart because he keeps this flashlight on his night stand. I tore the bathroom apart, because that's usually what the flashlight is used for.. Night trips to the bathroom. I tore apart the laundry basket, dresser, underneath the bed, closet etc... No Flashlight.
I gave up-- figured like everything else that goes missing around here it will make an appearance sooner or later. Since I had the bed completely tore apart I decided to go ahead and change the bedding and fluff the feather mattress etc. I grabbed the decorator pillows and tossed them over to the cedar chest--- KLUNK... The flashlight had been hidden stowed away deep inside the sham of the pillow... Wonder if I ever will understand the need for him to hide objects...sigh..

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  1. Hidden objects: sounds familiar!!!