Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cash in Hand

Yesterday I mentioned that Bob carries around his pocket money in his hand for about 80% of the day..Literally... He will hold onto that money and move it from his shoe, to his sock, then to his pocket and then back to his hand. I have tried to get him to put it somewhere"safe.. Like the Dresser, or the safe, or a wooden box he keeps some odds and ends in... When I bring it up He will put the money in his pocket- but within a minute he will have it back out. I cant even imagine how much brain power it is taking for him to keep track of that "money"..
Anyway- Today I tried to force him  strongly suggest that he put the money in the safe so he could quit thinking and worrying about it all the time..
He said-- " NO-- absolutely not"- - - -"I am going to sell it."

Okee Dokee then!

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