Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A few Things I've learned the last week or so

 When Bob asks " Can I use your bathroom"-- He is not really asking for permission to use our toilet- he is asking for help finding it.
 Post it notes that I have on everything in the medicine cabinet and around the house to help guide Bob through the day, No longer are being read or understood.
 The "pocket money" that used to be carried in Bob's pocket is now being carried in his hand for about 80% of the day, and nothing you say will convince him he does not need to do that.
 The difference in the color of the carpet from the hall/living room to the bedroom  is causing Bob to tap the darker carpet with his toes before stepping on it.
 Bob no longer will get himself a drink of water when thirsty or grab a snack if he is hungry. I have to offer food and water to him through out the day to make sure he is getting what he needs.
 I've also learned that on particularly rough days, when I don't feel like we can "get through this"..I can remind myself that our track record for "getting through this" is 100% so far-- and that's pretty good in my book.

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