Monday, February 10, 2014

Kindness Of Others

Today we were hit by a storm that dumped quite a bit of heavy wet snow on us. It lasted for quite awhile and when it tapered off Bob said he was going out to shovel.
Me- being the worry wart stood in the bedroom watching him while I folded clothes. At one point he started shoveling off the grass in the yard and just as I was stepping out the door to say something to him the next door neighbor came over and started helping him. ( The neighbor DOES know about Bobs Alzheimer's/Dementia).
After they were done, Bob came back in the house and said. " I don't think the new guy I hired is going to work out-- Did you see him? He was lost out there. I had to tell him what to do every step of the way..  
Once a boss-- always a boss..
I better bake the neighbor some cookies..

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