Thursday, February 13, 2014

Be careful out there

Today it was sunny but the ground was still frozen solid. There was a layer of ice on the sidewalk, roads and everywhere snow was melting. Bob and I went to the store and ran a few errands and came home. I unloaded a few bags of groceries and was carrying them to the house. Old Bob would usually have done it all- carried the groceries to the house, unlocked the door and made sure the jeep was locked back up etc.. No more-- Now he gets out and goes to the door.
As I got all the groceries in my arms and was walking up the sidewalk to the house I slipped on the ice and fell. I was splayed out like a starfish on the sidewalk, groceries were everywhere. As I layed there assessing the damage, New Bob walked around me and went to the door-- There was no "are you okay" or "Let me help you up" or "Let me get the groceries that were scattered from hell to breakfast'. He walked around me and went to the door. He tried the knob and said-- "Its locked".
Um Yea-- I haven't made it that far yet. He stood there staring at me while I picked my soggy butt up of the ground and started picking up all of the groceries. As I got to the door I realized I didn't have my keys. I know I had them in my hand when I went "splat".. Great- So-- I spent another 30 minutes searching the snow for my keys. Finally found them--about half way out in the yard.
Got the door unlocked- the soggy groceries put away, and I sat down on a chair to peel off my soggy jeans. Bob Looked at me and said " You should be more careful out there"
Yea- Thanks Babe!

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