Friday, January 24, 2014

Wake Up Call

I woke up this morning to Bob wandering the house this morning at 5:30AM. He was very confused and looking for "his" house.. He had no idea where he was.  He kept pointing at things like his recliner and saying things Like- I have one of those--but mine is newer- He didnt know which rooms were which-I opened the closet to show him his clothes he said those are girl clothes.. then he kept opening doors and I asked him what he was looking for and he said " the out".. I said "Do you need the bathroom? He said no-- I need to find my house and was trying to open the front door-- I shut off the security alarm and I took him outside so he could "look"-- it was snowing a little so I said--" lets look later its really cold out here.. How about we have some coffee..."
So I Made him some coffee, gave him his meds and his Breakfast-- he finished eating and was sitting there drinking his coffee and he  said- 
"Who are you married to?".  I said "You!!--- who are you married to?" He smirked and said "you-- it must have been a double.."
 Okkee Dokkeee then...
My wake up call was not so pleasant this morning- My heart has been in my throat all morning------------How much longer till he no longer knows who I am?

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