Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Roller Coaster

 When Bob was first diagnosed with Dementia our days were pretty average.  Lapses in memory were our biggest issue and at the time they seemed bad, and I constantly worried about him and our future. As time marches on you have good days- you have bad days- and you have horrible days.
Memory lapses now seem like such a minor thing. Bob's memory lapses have been replaced by a constant state of confusion, agitation and sadness. Good days are few and far between. It was like it happened within just a few weeks. You get used to one stage and you settle into your new average. As soon as you have gotten used to this new stage--the next one starts rearing its ugly head--Its a nasty cold roller coaster ride-- and I want off. Pretty sure I didnt buy a ticket. Pretty sure Bob didnt either-
I hate this disease.

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