Friday, January 10, 2014

Night Terrors - Part 2

So- If you read my previous post you know Bob has been having problems with night terrors. He has always  talked in his sleep but never has gotten up and walked around.
A few nights ago he scared me-- NO-- I was terrifed. He went to bed at 7:30 and I was in the living room watching TV. About 8:30 I saw him peeking around the corner. I waved at him. He jumped out into the hall entrance and I immediately noticed that he was dressed in his street clothes again. I also noticed that he had his folding knife open and in his right hand. He started yelling at me- " You should have knocked-" I was so startled I just shouted back- " What-- why would I have to knock?" As I was pulling myself off the ceiling he walked back into the bedroom. I went in after him and said " what are you doing?- What are you talking about, Are you awake?" He said "yes".
I said were you when you were in the hallway? He said- "I dont know"- He got back in the bed- rolled over and went to sleep.. I grabbed the knife put it in the safe with the guns and went back to the living room with my heart pounding out of my chest.
I had  made him put all of the guns away quite awhile back as I wanted no chance of an "accident". Now I have to tell him his knives are going in there too- For the last two days I have been thinking thou-- there are knives and sharp objects all over this house. Potential weapons.
Last year I had alarms installed on the house. The doors are "armed" so I know when he comes and goes. Today I ordered another sensor alarm-- I will install it above the bedroom door in the hall-- I will know when he gets out of bed and comes out of the bedroom.  It has a Receiver that I can keep with me so I wont be notifying him -it will just be for me.. My piece of mind-- What little of it I have left.
I tried to have a conversation with him about what happened. It was like talking to a wall. Although he did say. " I would never hurt you".
I know Old Bob wouldnt-- I'm still not to sure about this New Bob just yet.
Taking precautions seems like the most reasonable next step-

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