Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blowing in the Wind

We are having really really strong winds this weekend. Things are rolling down the road and we even saw a trampoline up against the neighbors fence- (and they dont have a trampoline). Our large elm tree in the back yard is losing branches and I am a little worried that some of the bigger ones may cause a problem if the gusts get much stronger.. so far they have been about 55MPH but it is suppose to get worse.
Bob went out the front door to walk around in the yard and look around.  The wind took his hat and blew it against the fence. He went and got it and came in the house. He then headed out the back door and the same thing happened. He came back in the house and said-
" I've never seen anything like it-The wind is blowing on both sides of the house maybe we should try the park".

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