Sunday, January 12, 2014

Driving me Crazy

Yep- About pushing me over the edge. My patience is being tested and I do believe my last nerve has been stretched to the snapping point.  So many little things adding up over the last few days.
I finally got Bob to settle down this evening but now he is pickin. In the last few weeks he has started picking at his skin on his face to the point where he has caused a few sores.   I've tried saying something every time he raises a hand to his face but I am just repeating myself to no avail. His hand goes back up within a minute or less. I've put something in his hands to side track him- He puts it down to pick.  He obviously has no control over that impulse. I actually sat here and thought about Duct taping oven mitts to his hands..LOL.. Trust me-- he is not so bad off that he couldnt get those off in seconds- LOL. I told him he will give himself an infection if he doesnt stop.. He said-- "I think I already did- I sneezed." I put two small round bandages on the developing sores just as a reminder when his hands go to his face but thats not working either.. He is pickin at the skin around them. Its a Compulsive thing! Now I'm thinking Ski Mask!

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