Monday, December 23, 2013

Up Top

I got a visit from "old Bob" this past week.  My old practical joke playing, funny prankster of a husband.
 I, for the life of me, can't figure this disease out. How a person can be so horribly confused one minute and seem perfectly normal 10 minutes later. Like someone flips a switch.
Bob had been having a terrible morning. He barely got himself dressed and when he did his shoes were on the wrong feet and his sweatshirt was on backwards. Somethings (like the shirt) I will just let slide-- That's not really hurting anyone and it causes him undo stress to point that out. The shoes on the wrong feet I worry about, Painful feet and walking seems like not such a good idea-- anyway- it was one of "those" kind of days, for the majority of the day.
After dinner Bob said he wanted to be  comfortable so he went in and got his sweatpants on. I was taking care of a customers question on the computer. About 5 minutes later he walked into the room-- With a pair of underwear on his head-- I know my mouth dropped open-- Bob wears a hat pretty much all day- But this-- well- I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open- trying to decide -- do I say something?-- or do I just let it go-- after all its just the two of us here... He walked past me and sat down in his recliner-- He turned and looked at me and started laughing-- He said- You should see your face-- That was so worth it--
Yep-- Thats my Old Bob!  Get back Ladies- He's Mine-- ALL mine! LOL!

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