Thursday, December 19, 2013

Help me- I'm Drowning

I know I've mentioned before that if you think you hear water running it probably is. This time I was busy doing paperwork and I had my Country Tunes on the radio. Bob comes in the room and says
 " Are you going to clean the bathroom it really needs it".. My first thought was  "Now what?" I went running and before I even got there saw the water spilling out into the hallway. I ran into the bathroom-- sure enough the water was running yet again- and this time he had put the stopper down.. Water was everywhere. I ran over and shut the faucet off and turned around and said- Babe-- why didnt you just shut the water off.
He said- " I didnt turn it on"
Okay-- Its just him and I here and I sure didn't turn it on.
I said-- "Oh-- well can you go get me some towels out of the linen closet? ( No point in arguing about WHO left the water on--again--)
"Sure" he says-- He disappeared and didn't come back. I went and looked and there he was- sitting in his chair eating a orange...
Oy-- I got the "flood" cleaned up and everything dried out-
Then-- I played Plumber- We no longer have a "stopper" in the drain- Last flood to clean up--for now anyway--

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