Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Takin Out The Trash

Bob has been really "off" so it has been day after day of keeping an eye on him. While I was vacuuming I asked him to take the garbage's out-- He said okay-- he was gone for a little bit then came back in and washed his hands and sat down... I kept cleaning-- I grabbed the garbage in the laundry room to take out and when I got out there the garbage bins were empty- I went in and asked Bob what he did with the garbage he took out- he said "took it out" I said well there is nothing in the bins-- He walked out there- Opened the recycling bin then the garbage bin-- and says-- Now why would someone steal our garbage-- I said they wouldn't-- think---where did you put it-? He got all pissed  and said- "In the damn bins like it belongs"- I said "okay-- guess you are right-someone stole it"-- We came back in and I asked him to go out front and clean up a few leaves that were in the front yard-- while he was out I pulled up the security footage-- He is right there in the footage putting the garbage--- IN THE BACK SEAT OF THE JEEP---- I went out and grabbed it out of the jeep and put it in the bins.. I watched him go around the house and put the leaves he picked up in the yard in the bins.. He saw the garbage in it and stood there scratching his head-- he comes in a few minutes later and says-- well whoever stole our garbage brought it back- they must have figured out it was just garbage--
I said-- Yeah-Hope they learned their lesson--
Sheesh-   I just Love a good scavenger hunt-- But not for garbage LOL. 

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