Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where does it go.

Bob is obviously going through another big decline with  memory loss. Getting lost in the house, Not remembering where the drinking glasses are, or where anything goes. Today he was outside, came in took his coat off ,and walked around for 5 minutes trying to figure out where he should hang his coat. Rather then jump in and do it for him I decided to see if he could figure it out. He finally looked at me and said- Where should I hang my coat-- Me being- or trying to be funny-- said "Put it with the sweatshirt you lost last week".  He looked at me and said- "So in the garbage?"
(Huh? Now I'm wondering-- is that really where that sweatshirt went--? I have looked everywhere so maybe it did)
I said- No Hon--- Just leave it on the bed-- I'll get it for you.
My next trip to the bathroom I found his coat- neatly hung on the towel rack in the bathroom.
The sweatshirt?
Me-- did you throw your new sweatshirt in the garbage?
Him- I think So.
Me- Why would you do that?
Him-- It was dirty.

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